About Us

We are two best friends that enjoy writing together. Very few times have we written anything separately. It just feels more whole for us to both add our own touches to a shared story. This is a little bit about who we are...

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Hi! I'm Amanda, half of the AmAsh team.

I've been randomly writing since high school but hadn't actually finished anything full length until Ashley and I started writing Twilight fanfiction together. I've had so much fun writing fanfiction and meeting new friends that I'm super excited to start working on something original.

Ashley and I have been Besties for a few years and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather write with. We joke that we share a brain and that is so true. More often than not when I go to her with an idea she says "I was thinking that too!" I have so much fun creating characters and weaving stories with Ashley. We work really well together and often spend a lot of time bouncing ideas around, and having chat sessions of dialogue for our characters. I'm anticipating working on what we have planned for our *gasp* first of three books. Even if it doesn't go anywhere other than our computers or google docs, I'm looking forward to more fun times with my best Best.

A little about me personally - I am 30 years old, and live in Alabama, where I work as an Administrative Assistant. Frankly I do a lot of day dreaming about our characters. I'm single and the only babies I have are furry. Writing grew from my love of reading. I'll read pretty much any thing I can get my hands on. I'm fascinated by the most random things and I'm obsessive about others. Taking pictures and playing with make-up are two other things that make me happy. I can be found at my blog, twitter, and through email. Those links are in the sidebar to the left.
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